Breath Me

12 June 1991
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Breath me.

Hiii!~ Please call me Panda I'm chronologically 20 years old, but mentally I am 12-16 years young! I'm quite an interesting girl. Mildly psychotic, but extremely adorkable! I'm shy, insecure, and emotional. My head is usually never on my shoulders; I live in my own little world. I enjoy cute things that make me smile, giggle and act like a squeamish little girl. ^_^ I get obsessive about things, and have an addictive personality. I tend to be a little childish, and immature, but I know my boundaries. I'm nonjudgmental, and am an accepting person. If you show me respect I'll return the favor. My favorite word is moose. I'm addicted to diet pop. I'm depressed, and suffer from insomnia, social and general anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder. I am eating disordered, and a hypochondriac.I love my boyfriend with all my heart. ♥

♥ Panda